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POSMETRANS Project Impact

POSMETRANS will support European policy makers in charge at the EU level in defining general conditions and priorities in order to increase the efficiency in the transport and logistics area to secure a sustainable European innovation strength and growth;

POSMETRANS links logistic and transport policy questions in an overview and propositions about this will be gathered on how solutions to the problems can be approached on the interfaces of these sustainable areas and efficient for all participants;

POSMETRANS will contribute to show obstacles for the development of the transport and logistics sector and deliver estimations of the affected stakeholder can be resolved in sustainable ways;

POSMETRANS furthermore will deliver answers to questions about a harmonised training of the employees of the transport sector, as well as with regard to the securing of consistent quality standards for the benefit of the customers and consumers;

POSMETRANS achieves a significant contribution to the rise in the efficiency of existing handling junctions through the showing of possibilities of a clever collaboration of actors of different carriers, and with that the completion of the European transport needs in the coming years.

The focus of the project lies with the SMEs since they generate the largest turnover and the most jobs in the respective sector.