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POSMETRANS structure is based on a logical framework with three main phases:

• Phase 1: Data Collection
• Phase 2: Analysis
• Phase 3: Recommendations and dissemination

Objectives in phase 1:
• Identification of relevant European and National policy measures
• Identification of relevant technologies and trends which foster the innovation process
• Elaboration of a competence matrix with the key players of innovation
• Development of questionnaires

Objectives in phase 2:

• Analysis on how innovation spreads into the market
• Analysis of the influence of networks on the stimulation of the innovation process
• Analysis of the impact of European and national policy measures
• Validation of the results by external experts (POSMETRANS Core Group)
Objectives in phase 3:

• Elaboration of recommendations
• Promotion and dissemination through awareness raising workshops
• Final Conference in the frame of an international conference