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Ege University / Ebiltem

Acciona Trasmediterránea, founded in 1917, is the Spanish market leader in ferries and ROPAX/RORO maritime traffic. Owning a fleet of 25 vessel last year, operates 37 vessels, sailing 2.1 million miles to serve, 3.7 million passengers, 782,000 vehicles and 5 million line meters of RORO cargo. The company operates all regular services to Balearics, Northern Africa, Canary Islands and France. ACCIONA offer full door to door services trough Acciona Logistica, their fully owned road and train transport branch which operates 1,500 refrigerated trailers, 3,000 containers, and 1,500 dry cargo trailers. The company operates with more than 800,000 square meters of logistics platforms in strategic locations.

Acciona Trasmediterránea became, after a privatisation process in 2003, part of the Acciona group. Acciona is a Spanish conglomerate with leadership in construction, real estate, energy, renewable energies, logistic & transport, water and urban services.

Acciona total turnover in 2007 was 7.9 Billion€, employs around 35,000 people and is established in more than 30 countries, quoting in the Spanish IBEX35 as ANA.MC. The company vision is to become a world leader in sustainable development

Acciona Trasmediterránea has integrated its R&D activities with Acciona R&D Group, which is constituted by 150 people fully dedicated to R&D projects to support Acciona’s leadership in different sectors. Acciona has a long standing experience both in national and European projects, having participated in 5 FPV and 11 FPVI projects and is currently involved in 17 approved projects of the FPVII first call (many of them still under negotiation).
Some examples of R&D national and international transport projects where we are currently involved:

TIMI (Intermodal Intelligent Transport Cargo) included in the national CENIT R&D transport programme with a total budget of 23 MM€

• SICAF (Cold Chain Intelligent Tracking) included in the national PROFIT R&D programme.
• CENMETA (Central Management of Estimated Time of Arrival) included in the national PROFIT R&D programme.
• PROPS (Promotional Platform for Short Sea Shipping and Intermodality) included in the 7 FP Transport 1st Call.
Currently under
negotiation with the European Commission.
• SKEMA (Sustainable Knowledge Platform for the European Maritime and Logistic Industry) included in the 7 FP
Transport 1st Call. Currently under negotiation with the European Commission.

Acciona Trasmediterránea is fully involved at all the steps of the distribution, transport and logistic chain, working in close cooperation with different agents and actors inside the transport sector.

Specifically, the road transport is a SME-dominated sector which Acciona Trasmediterránea has a huge interaction with, due to its vast experience in RORO, already being an important player in road and train transport within Spain and in international trade to Northern and Western Europe. This scenario provides Acciona Trasmediterranea with a privileged position and deep knowledge of the transport sector, making it ideal to propose innovation measures and policies which might improve the competitiveness of the companies of the sector and, in particular of SME’s.

Acciona Trasmediterránea is one of the companies that among the Acciona Logistics and Transport Division. The company is also involved in an important road transport activity (Acciona Logistica) and a start-up activity in the newly opened private rail cargo operations (Acciona Rail Services).

Acciona not only have competence in the operation of the maritime leg but also in the door-to-door service via their road transport capabilities and so, in the management of logistic infrastructures. The company has actively researched best security technologies and methods at road-to-sea interfaces and rail links from ports to dry-ports.