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Ege University / Ebiltem

Ege University is a 51 year-old University, and the fourth oldest one in Turkey.  It has extensive international relations through collaborative agreements of various kinds and takes active part in Framework Programmes. It also has an EU Documentation Centre established 40 years ago, functioning as a Euro Info Centre. It has close ties with other national and regional organisations  and industry through its Science and Technology Centre (EBILTEM) which is an interface organisation aiming to provide an institutional structure for industry – academia partnerships.

EBİLTEM provides an institutional structure for the organisation and co-ordination of research and development activities at Ege University, by promoting and improving the quality and quantity of pure and applied research and by encouraging and developing integrated, multidisciplinary research projects through industrial and international liaisons. It acts as a Regional Contact Point for universities in the Aegean Region, as well as research centres, SMEs, industrial associations, regional authorities and NGOs.

EBILTEM has an excellent data base of technical experts for all sectors. It arranges meetings between the representatives the companies requesting assistance and the experts from the university where the project or the industrial problem is discussed in detail.

Currently, EBILTEM is the Coordinator of IRC-EGE which is active member of I.SEE (South East Europe) Cluster in the IRC network together with IRC Help-Forward, IRC Bulgaria, IRC Romania, IRC Cyprus and IRC Israel. IRC-EGE was also selected as a member for the professionalisation Working Group (PWG) in 2005 by the Commission, which consisted of 6 IRCs and has served in the preparation of documents to improve the professionalisation of the Network. IRC-EGE has participated in IRC Network Thematic Groups and has been serving as the Chairman of the Textile Thematic Group since 2005. IRC-EGE which is 14 provinces from Çanakkale down to İçel.

It is also a member of two EU Technology Platforms (FISh and EUMAT) and the MOBILITY CENTER (which is one of six Centres in Turkey part of the EU ERA-MORE Network assisting experts involved in in-ward and out-ward Mobility activities serving 14 provinces in the Aegean Region).  Finally, it is involved in the Aegean Innovation and Business Centre (EBIC-EGE).

EBİLTEM has agreements signed with national / regional organisations who are key players in the Turkish Research and Innovation platform, such as; the Turkish Patent Institute, KOSGEB, TÜBİTAK, İzmir

Teknopark A.Ş. and The Aegean Region Free Trade Zone. It also collaborates closely with the European Union Business Centre in İzmir. These enable EBİLTEM to give in-house services on topics such as; IPR, FP programmes (IRC, TR-MoNet, TR-Access, REGinNET, FISh, Star-Net) and financial support mechanisms.