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Innovation and Technology Transfer Office

The Innovation and Technology Transfer Office supports the Piedmont’s Chambers of Commerce with regards to Innovation and Technology Transfer matters and services.
The beneficiaries are mainly regional universities, R&D centres and firms, particularly SMEs, which often do not have enough human and financial resources to innovate and become more competitive.

The involvement in international projects and networks, such as the Enterprise Europe Network and INSME, enable the staff to count on the support of numerous organisations located all over the world for promoting technology offers/requests and partner search coming from local firms and for disseminating incoming inputs from other countries into the Region.

The continuous activity programme of the Innovation and Technology Transfer Office is summarized in three main categories:

  • Knowledge and Promotion of Local Know-how on a request-offer matching basis. In this regard, the organisation is extremely competent on the identification of innovative products and methodologies owned by companies and research centres through technology audits and company visits; at the same time, technology audits allow to identify critical technology or capacity needs that prevent SMEs from becoming competitive and catching up with innovation progress. Finally, the staff has much expertise concerning the organisation of international events such as scientific conferences, brokerage events or international company missions.
  • Support to the implementation of R&D Projects: Awareness raising seminars, assistance on project architecture, identification of specific calls and priorities at EU and regional level, partner search, content guidelines, pre-screening, with particular focus on SMEs.
  • Management of European R&D and/or cooperation projects. Ongoing projects: ALPS Enterprise Europe Network, 2GBM, POSMETRANS, EBTC and INTERPLAST.

The Innovation and Technology Transfer Office of Unioncamere Piemonte shares the above roles, concerning both promotion and assistance on R&D programmes, with the Innovation Office of the Torino Chamber of commerce and is supported by the staff in the Brussels office too.

The organisations know well and represent the whole regional industry where the percentage of SMEs is more than 99%.