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Institute for Applied Transportation and Tourism Research

The Institute for Applied Transportation and Tourism Research (IVT) is an independent institute specialising in research and consultancy in the field of mobility, transport, traffic and tourism. IVT is an organisation with currently 10 full-time scientific staff members from the fields of statistics and econometrics, business administration, economics, sociology and geography. The institute’s activities cover a broad range of topics encompassing economic, social and environmental aspects of passenger and freight transport. Development and application of advanced statistical and econometric methods in the field of mobility and transport analysis is one of the strengths of IVT.

IVT considers itself as a mobility and transport knowledge institute dealing with
• statistical methodology for transport and travel studies,
• sampling design and analysis of survey data,
• empirical mobility and transport studies,
• transport and traffic analysis and forecasting,
• traffic and vehicle safety studies,
• accident risk analysis and evaluation of traffic safety measures,
• studies on customer satisfaction in public transport,
• evaluation of policy and marketing strategies in transport,
• studies in freight transport and logistics, implementation and evaluation of integrated management systems in freight and passenger transport enterprises.

Over the last 30 years IVT has continuously participated in relevant research programs and consultancy projects on behalf of national as well as international clients from the private and public sector including the European Commission (INFOSTAT, MYSTIC, RESPECT, EQUAL, STAC, TRACE).

Among other activities IVT has carried out various projects on the evaluation of policies and strategies in the field of transport planning together with a large number of studies on the effectiveness of traffic safety measures. The different projects are related to a wide range of issues in road freight transport.